Fleazer, Jumps Into Action?!?!

                                               What Does This Even Mean?

    #1. What is        Fleazer?

Fleazer is an arcade game for PC where you play as a little Flea that is always thirsty for blood. He craves blood like if it was a position of power and without it, he will go KABOOOM!!! explode into smithereens. Your goal is to obviously help this little guy get what he needs before it's to late.

#2. What you need to do?

What you need to do is plain and simple. Find the target to move on and keep the cycle endless. There's a bump with a target on it, That is what Fleazer is looking for because the bump is obviously filled with blood and flea's need it to survive, Right!?!?

      #3. Getting Point's

As you jump, you gain point's. Jumping convert's into point's as you go through the level's. So as you help Fleazer survive this endless adventure, He's helping you gain point's as you go.
                              Sorta like a win win situation, isn't it?!?

#4. Being Timed

You have a set amount of time to get to the target before Fleazer explodes. Get there as soon as possible before it's to late.

#5. Power-Up's

There will be power-up's that will give you a push during your adventure, use them wisely.

#6. Danger! Enemy's Lurking

Apparently Fleazer is not the only one that is looking for something to consume. On your adventure to get to the target (lump sum of blood), there are hungry nasty enemy's that are out to find some food and apparently Fleazer is on their dinner plate. Avoid them at all cost. 

Trailer of Fleazer

For YouTube Game Influencer's/Twitch Streamer's, or anyone that want more info/ or review for Fleazer?


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